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The MAR6 (MSA-0686, 0685, 0885) is a high performance silicon bipolar Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) housed in a low cost, surface mount plastic package. This MMIC is designed for use as a general purpose 50 W gain block. Applications include narrow and broad band IF and RF amplifiers in commercial and industrial applications. The MS

A-series is fabricated using HP ’s 10 GHz fT, silicon bipolar MMIC process which uses nitride self-alignment, ion implantation, and gold metallization to achieve excellent performance, uniformity and reliability. The use of an external bias resistor for temperature and current stability also allows bias flexibility. It is a Cascadable Silicon Bipolar The best place to put a pre-amplifier is with out a doubt as closest to the antenna as possible. If possible, directly mounted at the feeder (dipole) and using phantom-type powering of the amplifier. The RF/DC splitter comes inside the shack just before your receiver. Keep the connections as short as possible @ RF IN and RF OUT and keep them in 50 Ohms impedance starting at the leads from the IC. Mount it in a shielded casing. With use with an transceiver: This preamp is protected to a certain degree for accidental TX (+/- 5watt) at the output, but no guarentee is given that your MAR-6 will survive. So make the needed precautions to prevent this from occuring when used in a TX type situation (like between your antenna and transceiver). Use a RF-sensing circuit instead. L2 can be left out if your antenna has already some type of static bleeder build in (or DC shortened, like a folded dipole etc. ). If you don`t know for sure, just take your Ohm-meter and measure between the centre and the braid of the coax which should read something like < 1k or so. Inverted parallel diodes are...

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