programming pen usb interface

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Trigger programming with its build-in pushbutton. The solution I came up with was to add a tiny USB keyboard circuit to the pen`s interface. One method to have the pushbutton trigger a programming command would have been to add a microchip to the pen`s interface and connect it to the PC using a USB to serial converter. The microcontroller could then sent some

programming pen usb interface
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data to the PC every time the button is pushed. However, that would also required a script on the PC side to check whether the pen was sending data. What I wanted was a universal interface, which could be used to program any type of microcontroller, which wouldn`t require any scripts or drivers. What I came up with was to add an USB keyboard interface to the pen. In order to make the pen work no matter which command needs to be executed to program a chip, I decided it would send the arrow up keystroke followed by an enter. That way, I can just type the programming command (e. g. "make flash") once in a terminal window and pressing the programming pen`s button afterwards will make the same command execute. I did not want to increase the size of the programming adapter, so my build space was extremely limited. I found V-USB, a software USB driver for Atmel AVR chips. That website contains a lot of links to example projects, one of which is a self-calibrating ATTiny45 USB keyboard interface. The ATTiny45 is a small 8 pin chip which just fit in the space I had available on the pen`s interface. Due to the self-calibrating code, it did not require an external crystal, which is normally needed due to frequency precision requirements of the USB interface. Basically, that project was a perfect starting poattachments_refint and someone had already done most of the work for me. Excellent! The circuit I put together is shown in the...

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