radio controlled toy car

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit is a circuit diagram of the radio-controlled, usually in the toy car application children. Circuit diagram consists of 2 parts of the circuit sender and receiver circuits. To the circuit sending radio signals generated by the oscillator circuit formed by transistors Q1 9016, operating frequency of the oscillator is determined by the c

radio controlled toy car
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rystal Y1 is worth 27. 145 MHz. A very critical part of this oscillator circuit is T1, L1 and L2, which specifically discussed separately at the end of this article. Working from this oscillator is controlled by NOR gate U2D 14001, when the output gate (pin 3) value of `1, the oscillator will work and send radio frequency 27. 145 MHz, and the output U2D value `0 ² the oscillator will stop working. U2D NOR gate receives the clock signal from NOR gate U2B. CMOS NOR gate with the help of resistors R4 and R5 and capacitor C8 form a low frequency shaping circuit for controlling clock oscillator existing digital circuits. Work from clock generator is controlled through the input leg 6, the circuit will increase if the input clock level `0. Here is a circuit schematic drawing transmitter: NOR gate U2A and form a latch circuit U2C (RS Flip Flop), because the influence of R2 and the capacitor C11 is fed to pin 9 on U2C, when an electrical circuit to U2C output `1 and U2A output (pin 3) becomes `0. This situation resulted in generating the generator akang U2B hours working hours and state of the counter reset 14024th IC (U1), so that U1 started chopping and 27. 145 MHz oscillator circuit sending pulses to produce a working clock frequency. Part two is the receiver. Receiver circuit which in pairs in a toy car, works receive signals from the transmitter to control the motor car, so the car can move forward / backward and left / right....

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