radio transmission to get the GPS data

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The balloon went to 103, 258 ft peak reported altitude. Many items had to be considered for launching payload to this range. Unlike building an electronics package to operate at Sea Level, items such as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and even shock events from the payload being tossed about by high altitude high velocity winds. The ap

radio transmission to get the GPS data
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proximate air pressure at burst altitude was 0. 0218 psi with a projected temperature from NOAA Sounding data at -60 F. There was a colder band that the balloon had to travel through that was about 15, 000 ft thick with a temperature range at -84 F The original concept for the payload revolved around how to either receive or record data while in flight. The ideas ranged from the original of an Arduino with a SD Card shield to using FRS Radio to communicate the location. After debate and gathering information, it was decided to work for an end design that comprised of a GPS module capable of reporting altitude through the entire possible flight range, some sort of radio transmission to get the GPS data to a ground station and a microcontroller to link the onboard camera and all other systems together. One of the primary concerns was being able to power all of the electronics and have the batteries last through the temperature extremes and the amount of power drain that was projected for the entire circuit. There was no time to create a Spice model for the LDO Voltage Regulator used on the two circuit cards; however, a model is available for a standard 7805 +5V regulator. As shown in the following picture, one concern is how low the voltage could get on the battery pack before the regulator would cut off. In the picture the left cursor is at approximately 6. 6 VDC. This is the point at which the input must remain above for...

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