random motor circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Does anyone know what circuit i can use to make a dc motor randomly move backward and forward, stop for a period of time and then start again Any help and ideas will be much apreciated. Google and read about how to wire up PICs. In the simplest sense, it involves wiring up power through a simple voltage regulator IC, some bypass capacitors betwee

random motor circuit
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n V+ and ground to stabilize the voltage, and wiring up the oscillator. A lot of microcontrollers now also have an internal oscillator so if that is good enough you don`t even need to wire it up an oscillator (just power). How much easier can it get Google around for SIMPLE PIC circuits that do different things and compare the similarities between them. THat`s what is needed to wire up in the most basic form. THere are some things that are too vast, take too many words and unwarranted to take you step-by-step through them on a forum. Come back after you`ve done some of the reading and ask specific questions that will be easier for us to answer, and for you to understand the answers to. If I waste my time spitting out a huge chunk of text, you still probably wouldn`t understand it because that`s just the way it is. We aren`t exactly here to hold your hand (and your last post irked me quite a bit in the "exact" nature of the request and wording because it seems to indicate a complete lack of effort on your part). blueroom, I think it`s just funny the way your little avatar seems to look at the schematic for the mongoose. (Like are you sure you want to do this Or I really don`t think he knows what he`s getting himself into. ) TO simplify BLueroom`s schematic, you can probably chop off everything to the left and top of the PIC in the middle, leaving only the stuff to it`s right, and the motor part to the bottom. In his...

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