repair microcontroller circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The different between these two IC`s. A Microcontroller is a specialized form of Microprocessor that is created to be self-sufficient and cost-effective, where a Microprocessor is typically designed to be general purpose use like in a Personal Computer (PC). The Microcontroller is the integration of a number of useful functions into a single IC package.

repair microcontroller circuit
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These functions are: A Microcontroller generally has the main CPU core, ROM/EPROM/EEPROM/FLASH, RAM and some accessory functions (like timers and I/O controllers) all integrated into one chip. Microprocessor IC is generally just the CPU core itself, although nowadays it might have some accessory parts also integrated to the same chip (for example cache memory). Microcontrollers IC`s are frequently found in consumer electronics like Monitors, Televisions, in automobiles, washing machine, office machines, toys, appliances and etc. I still could recall during the early 90`s and before, many of the Analog Monitors that I repaired does not have the microcontroller circuit. The functions of the Monitors were all controlled by variable resistors. Let say if the Monitor brightness have problem we just have to follow the brightness control starting from the variable resistor in the front panel and trace it backward and it was very easy to locate the fault. You can use this method to trace on other circuit as well like the Pincushion circuit, Horizontal size circuit, Vertical Size circuit and etc. However when the newer type of Monitors (Digital Monitors) that use the Microcontroller circuit came into the market I have problem in finding those fault and you can`t follow the way that you used in finding fault in an Analog Monitors. Below I cover some of the most frequently asked questions from fellow members: Question 1: Assuming a...

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