resistors calculating resistance for LED strips to use as parking lamps and turn signals

Installing LED strips in car`s tail lamps to convert it from conventional bulbs to LEDs. This is the product I`m planning on working with and I need a length of 16`, 15` and 14` to make then look correct in my housings. When I did the math the 19. 7` strips have about 1. 5 LEDs per inch and need to be segmented into 3 LED groups so I may have to get creative with the placement. Ffom what I understand I need 2 diodes

and a resistor. One diode on the parking lamp power, and one on the turn signal/brake power and then a resistor on the parking lamp wire to step down the voltage enough to make them dim enough to use as a parking lamp and distinguish it from the brighter turn/brake lamps. Does anyone know what size resistor and what size diode to use in this project The voltage, with the car running, is around 13. 8V to the rear lamps. I figure it should be running around 7V to the LEDs to light them as parking lamps.

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