rf module based remote control

Remote controls are part of an electronics device used for operating the device remotely. Remote control has continuously evolved and advanced over recent years. The technologies likebluetoothconnectivity, motion sensor enabled capabilities and voice control have been included to remote controls. Here we are going to build a remote control. This r

emote control could be used for controlling robo cars, helicopters or for switching home appliances. Normal remote controls use IR transmission, butinthiscaseRF transmission is used. Transmission through RF is better than IR (infrared) because of many reasons. Firstly, signals through RF can travel through larger distances making it suitable for long range applications. Also, while IR mostly operates in line-of-sight mode, RF signals can travel even when there is an obstruction between transmitter & receiver. Next, RF transmission is more strong and reliable than IR transmission. RFmodule: For the transmission of control signals (here DTMF signals) we need a RF transmitter and a receiver. FM transmitter and receiver pair or any kind of RF TxRx module will do. In this remote control ASK modulation based RF transmitter & receiver pair are used for transmitting signals. Get information about ASK module : click here. . IC UM91214b( DTMF TONE GENERATOR): This is a single single chip IC with an on-chip oscillator for a 3. 58Mhz crystal. This is capable of generating Dialing Pulse(DP) and Dual Tone Multi Frequency(DTMF). But we don`t need to be bothered about DP generation. All you need is just to generate DTMF signals. A keypad interface is necessary to generate different DTMF signals. The advantage of using UM91214b is its inbuilt keypad interface facility. You just have to connect the keypad pins to UM91214`s Row & Column pins....

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