rf module interfacing with spartan 3an fpga

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The RF module, as the name suggests, operates at Radio Frequency. The corresponding frequency range varies between 30 kHz & 300 GHz. In this RF system, the digital data is represented as variations in the amplitude of carrier wave. This kind of modulation is known as Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK). The Spartan-3an board has external RF Module interf

rf module interfacing with spartan 3an fpga
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acing, indicated as in Figure. This RF module comprises of an RF Transmitter and an RF Receiver. The transmitter/ receiver (Tx/Rx) pair operates at a frequency of 434 MHz. An RF transmitter receives serial data and transmits it wirelessly through RF through its antenna connected at pin4 at the rate of 1Kbps - 10Kbps. The transmitted data is received by an RF receiver operating at the same frequency as that of the transmitter. The encoder is used for encoding parallel data for transmission feed while reception is decoded by a decoder. Finally connected with FPGA I/O lines.

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