robot circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For any robot to perform the tasks it is assigned, a controller is required. The controller may be mechanical, electrical, electronic or a combination of these. It is the brain of the entire system and gives the robot its intelligence. Additional functionalities that a controller may possess will indicate a higher level of intelligence exhibited b

robot circuits
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y the manipulator. The basic necessity for any control is a capability to sense the factor to be controlled. Sensing implies feedback, which is a means to realize the status of a physical occurrence so that corrective measures can be employed upon the realization of an error. If no path is available on either side, move back a step and check if a path is available on either side. This step is to be repeated until a path is found. Integration of all these components with the manipulator leads to an Autonomous Legged Intelligence Exhibiting Navigator, Alien. The following sections explain in detail, the various sub-systems that make up the controller. Alien`s vision system involves a pair of photovoltaic cell (PVC) with two monocular lenses as photoreceptors. This PVC is the core sensor of the system and the voltage across each cell varies according to the 1/(d ²) law of Luminous intensity i. e. , greater the distance lesser the intensity. The PVC receives light reflected from an object or an obstacle under surveillance and represents the intensity in the form of a voltage across the terminals (usually in mV). This voltage is then amplified through a UA741 IC. The amplified voltages from the two receptors are subtracted and this value is compared with a reference voltage that is predetermined by experimented values. The comparator gives an output to signify the presence of an object that can be climbed or an object that...

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