s1d13700 arduino documentation

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The provided connections will provide configuration free usage for most Arduino boards. Some Arduino boards, such as the Mega2560, will require custom configuration. This is determined by how the ports on the Atmel AVR microcontroller are mapped to the digital pins as broken out on your Arduino board. Most Arduino boards, including the Uno, Duemilanove, and Nano, have port D

s1d13700 arduino documentation
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mapped to digital pins 0 through 7; these boards will work without any configuration changes. To determine if your Arduino will work with the default configuration, view the schematic for your board. It is available here: If your board will not support the default configuration, refer to the section of this manual covering software setup with custom pin settings. If you`ve used the default connections, there is not configuration required. All you need to do to start displaying information is create an S1D13700 object and call the initLCD function. See the example sketch for more information. /*create our S1D13700 LCD object and name it glcd. */ S1D13700 glcd; void setup() { /*Call the setup routine */ glcd. initLCD(); /*Create a string variable */ char buf[] = "Hello World!"; /*Clear the screen */ glcd. clearText(); glcd. clearGraphic(); /*specify the column and row address where the text should be output */ glcd. textGoTo(10, 1); /*Write our string variable to the screen */ glcd. writeText(buf); } If you only need to change the configuration of the control pins (pins other than D0-D7), the procedure is very similar to section 3a. The difference is that the pin connections must be specified after you create the S1D13700 object and before you call the initLCD function. /*create our S1D13700 LCD object and name it glcd. */ S1D13700 glcd; void setup() { /*Specify control pin connections*/ glcd. pins. rd = 10; glcd. pins. wr =...

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