schematic diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

These is the demo board I made based on PIC16F887 microcontroller. It is a good project for starting with PIC uC`s. It has a bootloader so an external programmer is not needed. The circuit is simple but it will let you explore some of the major features that a PIC16 device has. I also used mikroC as the compiler since it is very easy to use. I wil

schematic diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

l give a demo board like these to the school (to which is still under development) so it could be used to students who are willing to learn. I hope these will help you on your journey of learning PIC microcontrollers. I choose the PIC16F887 device because it is one of the latest PIC16 series from microchip. It is cheap, has a big memory, commonly available, etc. And most of all it is almost the same with and pin-compatible with PIC16F877A. In fact, you can find code examples intended for the PIC16F887 in mikroC help files. If you want to work with microcontrollers it is a great advantage if you own a development/demo board. There will be no problem with the hardware setup. It eliminates the usual problems faced by PIC newbies: badly designed circuit, bread board loose connections as well as misconnections, problem with the programmer, etc. If you can`t afford to buy one, you can build one yourself. The major parts are the PIC16F887, MAX232, 7 segments and the LEDs. The LCD is optional but there is headers for it if needed. These board can cost more or less 15 USD. If anybody wants the PCB layout just comment. These board was designed to allow students, hobbyist and the like to start exploring the capabilities of the PIC microcontrollers by their own and with less difficulty. These board can be used for many types of electronic projects, development and application prototyping. In addition, it can be used for demonstration,...

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