schematics Use of ground symbols in circuit diagrams

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The TPS61200 spec says GND is control/logic ground and PGND is power ground but this isn`t reflected in the symbols chosen in the diagram. I`m also puzzled why the link to earth is shown on GND rather than on PGND. From this key it seems that various parts of the above circuit are to be tied to chassis ground and not to (say) digital/common/signal

schematics Use of ground symbols in circuit diagrams
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/control/logic ground. Why specify chassis ground Am I wrong in interpreting that as the metal part of an enclosure which is (usually) tied to earth through the mains electrical connection for safety purposes. That symbol is not Building Earthing, it is circuit reference ground. That too need not be connected to building earthing, it`s just what any voltage in the circuit is referenced against. Why they choose to connect to it I haven`t examined, I`ll look at the schematic later - that`s why I am not writing up an answer now. Anindo Ghosh May 2 `13 at 9:56 The bottom of R2 should connect directly to the GND pin on the TPS61200 to avoid power-ground noise upsetting the feedback and regulation of this device (and most other switching regulators should they have separate pins). So, is this question just about the interpretation of symbols Andy aka May 2 `13 at 11:13

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