second generation reciprocating

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The The reciprocating detector was designed by R. S. Badessa at M. I. T. The RD features a carrier-synthesized reference signal and requires no external bfo. The circuit offers advantages over conventional detectors in that it adjusts its bfo level automatically in proportion to the average signal level received. First introduced in ham Radio in March,

second generation reciprocating
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1972, the RD has gone through several metamorphoses. The version presented here uses ICs and can be used in modern receivers using semiconductors. Also included is a design for a 10. 7-MHZ ssb filter for single-passband receivers. Editor. During the past three years I`ve had many requests for revisions to the reciprocating detector circuit so that it can be used directly at high frequencies. Here`s an updated IC design that can be used at frequencies up to 20 MHz. required very careful circuit layout to reduce or eliminate inter-circuit coupling, and in particular to maintain the correct phase relationship required in the feedback loop. Also, the detector portion operated as a half-wave rectifier. A current-regulating source had to be adjusted to cause the signal diode to operate at a level just below conduction, so that at frequencies above 5 MHz the diode and its circuitry ceased to perform uniformly. Result - a badly distorted detected signal. Despite the distortion, in some cases the circuit performed well enough for signal identification. But much was to be desired. A cure for individual cases was to adjust the bias level for the current-source diode until it just conducted on noise. In most cases, with a tube receiver that produced i-f signals to the RD input exceeding the saturation level of the complete circuit, a clipped response occurred. Single sideband signals then became unmanageable because of widely varying...

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