sensitive FM Transmitter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Simple and easy build of FM transmitter circuit. The circuit only require 2 transistors. Circuit Notes: Typically the default for the capacitors model is ceramic, preferably the npo 1% type or equivalent. However, generally almost nothing critical right here. Work with any capacitor you`ve laying arround, but DO NOT use any electrolytic or tantal

sensitive FM Transmitter
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um. The following diagram is the FM tracking transmitter based on 4 transistors. No additional notes for this tracking transmitter diagram, try to discover this circuit by yourself. :) Components list: R1 = 100K Ohms R2 = 10 Ohms R3 = 47K Ohms R4 = 220 Ohms C1 = 4. 7uF/16V C2, C5 = 1nF C3 =. Here the SW transmitter circuit based on IC BEL1895. This particular transmitter circuit works in shortwave HF band (6 MHz to 15 MHz), and can be applied for shortrange communication and for educational purposes. The circuit is composed of a mic amplifier circuit, a variable frequency oscillator, and modulation amplifier stages. Transistor T1 (BF195) is. This is a simple audio Pre-Amplifier with single transistor 2N3904. This easy circuit provides good gain to weak audio signals such as electret microphone. Use it in front of an RF oscillator to make an RF transmitter that`s very sensitive to sound.

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