serial communication on atmega3216

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A very basic introduction to RS232 based serial communication on ATmega32/16 using the USART hardware. But before you start reading, let me warn you this post is a bit lengthy (but contains everything you need as a beginner. so no skipping :P), so bear with it. Secondly, please keep a datasheet of ATmega32 ready with you, this is the link. I want to talk to my friend.

serial communication on atmega3216
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I use my vocal cords (hardware) to transmit meaningful information (software - analogy) but using the rules of language to do it, so that he can understand it. So generalizing, for any form of communication to take place, you need hardware, software and some rules that govern the communication, right In the opening statement to this post, I referred to three terms which are very important to understand. Most of the time, there is always a confusion regarding this terms and it is desirable to know the difference. Amongst various advantages, it helps the show-off factor. First of all, serial communication is the form of communication in which data is sent one bit at a time - across a communication channel. The other option is parallel communication, in which, many bits are sent simultaneously across the communication channel. Needless to say, parallel communication is faster than serial communication and also easier to fathom. But a major disadvantage is the cabling cost, which is a very important factor in the transition from parallel to serial communication over the years. RS232 (RS = Recommended Standard) is a protocol a set of standards/rules using which control signals are sent to and from the transmitter and receiver used for serial communication. In very simple words, RS232 is a set of rules by which you can perform serial communication. That 9-pin male socket at the back of your desktop`s CPU is a serial port that...

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