servo motor control through keypad

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This tutorial explains how to read the content of the microcontroller `s flash memory. The source microcontroller reads the content of the memory and displays it on the LED s. The content is nothing but the program written in the memory of microcontroller. This step is often used to verify whether microcontroller has been correctly programmed or n

servo motor control through keypad
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ot. If the values which are read from a memory location are same as the one which needs to be written at this particular memory location, then the microcontroller has been programmed correctly. If there is any mismatch, it means microcontroller has not been programmed correctly. The reader should know the basics of sending and receiving the single byte in programming mode. Refer to 8051 Programmer basics before reading this tutorial. In this mode the values are read one by one. You need to send the address of the memory location in every instruction whose value is to be fetched. The microcontroller in return sends the value which is stored on this location. The first byte of the instruction signifies memory read operation (byte mode). The second and third byte tells the address of the memory location. Some bits of the second byte are don`t care. This is because the maximum size of flash memory for this family is 8K and in order to address the last memory location a maximum of 13 bits is required. The target controller returns the value corresponding to the address during the fourth byte. The memory of the microcontroller is arranged in form of pages. Every page contains 256 bytes arranged in 16 rows and 16 columns. In this mode, a chunk of 256 bytes is read in one read instruction. The second byte of the instruction sends the address of the page to be read. The target microcontroller in return sends 256 consecutive bytes...

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