Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The camera and shutter control are completely self contained and can be used in any situation where you would like to take a number of photos automatically at a set interval in time. In this case it is for Kite Aerial Photography, but I have used this camera with an RC plane as well. I am sure you will come up with many more interesting applicatio

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ns for this camera. I look forward to hearing how you use this design. The inexpensive LMC555 CMOS Timer IC can be configured as an astable oscillator. That is a fancy way of saying that it can close a switch every few seconds, open it again and repeat until the camera`s memory is full. In this case, at a resolution of 640x480, that is 180 pictures, or 15 minutes of photography. A more sophisticated intelligent shutter control which still requires no external power and only 2 wires to connect to this camera or any camera with similar features can be built using Texas Instruments MSP430 line of low power microprocessors. I have recently constructed a controller for the GoPro HD Hero camera. GoPro HD Hero Controller. As the Mustek Mini 3 camera shutter is a simple switch (not all cameras are), this simple circuit will operate the camera automatically, taking a picture every 5 seconds, from the time it is turned on. It only takes one IC, 3 resistors, and a capacitor to build it. The power is stolen from the shutter circuit of the camera. The 555 IC must be the CMOS type as it is being powered by the camera itself. The capacitor should be of a low leakage type, or the actual time will be longer than the calculated value. There is nothing critical about the construction. For minimum simplicity and weight, I used the dead bug  construction method of flattening the IC and wiring the parts together without a circuit board. The...

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