Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A microprocessor controlled shutter control-box for electrically driven shutters such as the MELLES GRIOT 04 IES 003 and others, such as the ILEX electric shutters. Older view camera lenses often come in shutters that have problems from use or age. Usually a clean/lube/adjust service will restore the shutter but sometimes it is necessary

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to replace it. New Copal shutters are very expensive and used shutters in good working condition are rare and also not cheap, especially the large (Nr. 3) sizes. Not to speak of the electronic Copal and Sinar shutters. An inexpensive alternnative are the Melles Griot electric shutters that appear on ebay now and then and usually go for well under 100$, mainly because the necessary controller box costs 800$ and has limited capabilities. This page describes the construction of an inexpensive controller with very high accuracy, many features and comfortable handling. An inexpensive ST 6215 microprocessor is used (mainly because I have the SGS starter kit). PIC- Atmel- or other microcontrollers would do the job as well if programmed accordingly. The following times are possible: 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 sec. all other settings result in an error message (LED flashes 6x) when the shutter is triggered. To archieve optimal shutter performance, MG recommends to open the shutter at 4x the rated voltage and then hold it open at half the rated voltage to minimize heating the solenoid and to speed up closing. A capacitor is charged up to U(open) =4x U(shutter) through R(charge) in about one second. After the Capacitor has discharged into the shutter R(charge) keeps the current from the high voltage supply low while the lower Supply U(hold) keeps the shutter open until the Transistor closes. The flash sync output is the same...

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