simple 100 watt inverter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is a simplest circuit for 100 watt inverter for generating 220vAC from 12vDC. I say simplest because here in this inverter circuit a minimum number of components are used to design the schematic, which is quite difficult to make a circuit like this with further fewer components. This 100W inverter circuit works great for small loads like a fa

simple 100 watt inverter
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n or 2-3 bulbs/lamps. In this circuit as IC1 we used a CD 4047 IC to generate 100Hz frequency (180 degree out of phase). CD 4047 IC is from Texas Instruments. It is mostly used as Astable/Monostable signal generator device. In this circuit it is triggered as astable multivibrator by the capacitor C1 between the Pin 1 and 3 of CD4047. And VR1 is used to adjust the frequency of signal. Four 2N3055 transistors are used to amplify the pulse trains that are pre-amplified by two TIP122 transistors. There used three transistors for each side (half cycle), one TIP122 & two 2N3055 transistor to drive the output transformer (TX in circuit). Four 2N3055 transistors are used as driving transistor. An inverters maximum output power depends on two factors; one is the max current rating of transformer`s primary winding and other factor is the current rating of driver transistors. Transformer: Use a 12v-0-12v, 10A step-down transformer in reverse. That`s mean secondary winding (12v-0-12v) will be the primary and primary winding (220VAC side) will be the secondary (output). So that it will worked like a step-up transformer. You can also use a 5A transformer instead of 10A, if you couldn`t have 10A. But the output power will decrease to 60 Watt.

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