Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This simple amplifier does sound good quality Power output about 10 - 14 Watts with Supply voltage about 34 - 36 Volt DC. It requires a preamp in the function of it hasn`t got much advance. It requires cumbersome heat up sinks and a great transformer and a enormous power supply and alert wiring, but taking part in the bottom it is enormously regul

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ar and it sounds very good. The zener diode rubbish every wave future from the power supply, But you still barely aspire a ripple of 10mV be very successful. The swell triumph the input is enlarged, so the zener diode gets free of with the intention of, but whatever swell in attendance is wish still catch the power stage. The Buffer Stage using transistor C945, Driver Stage Using MJE340 and Booster Stage using TIP3055. The Transistor are using NPN transitor. You are reading the article about Simple Amplifier with C945, MJE340, and TIP3055 and you can find articles Simple Amplifier with C945, MJE340, and TIP3055 this the url. You may distribute or copy articles Simple Amplifier with C945, MJE340, and TIP3055 this is beneficial if you or your friends, but do not forget to include the link source.

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