simple gauss detection switch

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

An ultra sensitive gauss meter circuit/schematic anywhere that constitutes a simple indicator No measurement. No scaling. No accuracy. Just hall device/ic on a board with power supply inputs, a bit of signal conditioning of maybe a dozen more parts, and a little relay. If you look at the linear hall effect sensor it has an output of 1. 3mV per Gauss. That might be the limitation of hall effect sensors

simple gauss detection switch
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in general which might be where all your problems are coming from. It`s got me wondering why you never see hall effect sensors in things like compasses. You always see some kind of magneto-resistive or magneto-inductive sensor for those kinds of things, but those are neither straightforward to work with, nor easily available. Is it possible to implement so simple a circuit Or are these merely rough application examples Sensitivity would only depend on the IC that is inserted, no I`m in the process of testing that last one and it may work for me. But I`ve asked a few questions about it here and elsewhere and don`t seem to be making any headway. The simpler the better. I just want an ultra sensitive switch circuit. I`m experimenting with placement of the sensor chip in various ferrite rings for better sensitivity. Here`s one example.

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