simple pure sine wave inverter circuit

The circuit basically uses a push pull topology through a couple of 24V batteries. The use of two 24V batteries allows lower AHbatteriesto be incorporated with higher efficiencyand wattage. Since a dual supply is used the connected transformer does not need to be a center tapped type, rather a two wire ordinary transformer becomes suitable her
simple pure sine wave inverter circuit - schematic

e. The sine wave generator produces a pure sine wave output with the showncomponentsat about 50Hz, for other frequencies the 2. 5K resistor may be altered, and tested in a simulator for fixing the desired results. With a 0-24V/25amp transformer, and a couple of 24Vbatteries the circuit would be able to generate as high as 600 watts of pure sine wave output at the relevant voltage. The output across the right hand side opamp of the sine generator is to be connected across the input of the second circuit for initializing the proposed operations.

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