simplest power inverter circuit

The simplest mosfet based inverter circuit which is not only simpe and cheap to build but is also significantly powerful. The power of the inverter may be increased to any reasonable limits y suitably modifying the number of mosfets at the output stage. As shown in the figure, the IC 555 has been wire das usual in the an astable multivibrator form.
simplest power inverter circuit - schematic

The resistors R1 and R2 decides the dutycycleof the inverter. R1 and R2 must be adjusted and calculated precisely for getting a 50% duty cycle, otherwise the inverter output may generate unequalwaveform, which may lead to unbalanced AC output, dangerous for theappliancesand also the mosfets will tend to dissipate unevenly giving rise to multiple issues in the circuit. Here since the operation is a push pull type, two batteries will be required instead of one for supplying the ground potential for thetransformerand in order to make the transformer secondary winding responsive to both positive and negativecyclesfrom the mosfet operations.

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