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Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is a slightly less professional-looking version of Handmade Electronic Music, with almost identical content (and free!). See in particular Chapters 18 and 20. Layout of conductive metal strips under the breadboard performations. There are generally two long strips running down each side for power (+) and ground (-) and many rows of perpendicu

sound Circuits
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lar strips down the middle. Fader hook-up. NOTE: the pot`s resitance varies between 0 and 10K or 20K ohms. If it`s turned down all the way, the circuit will short because there`s no resistance, and the LED will give off a funny burning-plastic smell and stop working (as we discovered in class!). Oscillator hook-up. Orient the IC with reference to the its semicircular intent. Unmarked components are wires. Note the wires at the bottom of the board running power (+) and ground (-) to the long strips on the other side. Circuit diagram, representing the logic inside the IC (a NAND Schmitt trigger) rather than the IC itself. See the datasheet and "Hardware Hacking" page 75 for more info. The IC ground and power are implied, as is the amp ground.

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