ssb add on for am receivers

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Given favourable radio wave propagation, the shortwave and radio amateur band are chock-a-block with SSB (single-sideband) transmissions, which no matter what language they`re in, will fail to produce intelligible speech on an AM radio. SSB is transmitted without a carrier wave. To demodulate an SSB signal (i. e. turn it into intelligible speech) i

ssb add on for am receivers
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t is necessary to use a locally generated carrier at the receiver side. As most inexpensive SW/MW/LW portable radios (and quite a few more expensive general coverage receivers) still use plain old 455 kHz for the intermediate frequency (IF), adding SSB amounts to no more than allowing the radio`s IF to pick up a reasonably strong 455-kHz signal and let the existing AM demodulator do the work.

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