start up aid for pcs

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The older PC that concerned did have a standby state, but no matching BIOS set-ting that allows it to start up unattended. Although a +5 V standby supply voltage is available, you always have to push a but-ton for a short time to start the computer up again. Modern PCs often do have the option in the BIOS which makes an automatic start after a pow

start up aid for pcs
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

er outage possible. After building in the accompanying circuit, the PC starts after about a second. Incidentally, the push-button still functions as before. The circuit is built around two golden oldies: a NE555 as single-shot pulse generator and a TL7705 reset generator. The reset generator will generate a pulse of about 1 second after the supply voltage appears. The RC circuit between the TL7705 and the NE555 provides a small trigger pulse during the falling edge of the 1 second pulse. The NE555 reacts to this by generating a nice pulse of 1. 1RC. During that time the output transistor bridges the above mentioned push button switch of the PC, so it will start obediently.

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