stealth action laser tripwire system

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With these, you can make your very own security system that gives intruders a sporting chance! It`s the laser-version of saying But before I kill you, Mister Bond  This laser tripwire system will trigger an audio alarm (made from a 110dB piezo personal alarm  from the 1$ store) when something breaks the laser beam, which is provided by a si

stealth action laser tripwire system
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mple laser pointer. What makes this Hollywood-style is that when the beam is broken, the unit Beeps  three times. If the beam is STILL broken after the 3rd beep, the alarm sounds. (If the intruder backs off  and unbreaks the beam before the 3 beeps are over, the alarm does not sound). These are best used when placed somewhere that is physically confining, like around tight or low spaces so an intruder cannot simply run through all the tripwires. Any area that constricts movement is ideal. For example, the tripwires which require the intruder to quickly break contact to avoid and alarm can work well in conjunction with the Hollywood-style motion sensors, which require the intruder to STOP moving to avoid an alarm! This project uses some electronics and a PIC (12F629). If you own or have access to a PIC programmer (and know how to use it!) you will be able to make and modify this project as long as you possess basic electronic skills. If things and terms like regulated voltage, HEX files, and pullup resistors don`t mean anything to you then you will have problems if you try to make this project. The laser tripwire alarm assumes the light sensor is being lit by a laser when it is powered up. It will attempt to calibrate itself at powerup. Power up the alarm, and when the LED is blinking quickly, break the beam. When the LED lights solid, unbreak the beam. The LED will turn off and begin a slow heartbeat  blink. The sensor...

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