stepper motor controller schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Pulse motor or stepper motor step motors, foreign, or commonly known as Step motor Stepping motor, Stepper, and so on. To the conventional stepper motor, the stepper motor can be simply defined as, according to the input pulse signal, each time changing the excitation state to move forward at an angle (or length), if not change the excitation state is to maintain

stepper motor controller schematic
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a certain position at rest motor. Broadly speaking, the stepper motor is controlled by the electrical pulse signal brushless DC motor can also be seen as a certain frequency range and control of pulse frequency synchronous speed synchronous motor. Used here is the two-phase hybrid stepping motor, the use of displacement and the number of input pulse signals corresponding to step away from the characteristics of error is not accumulated to form the structure is simple and has a precision open-loop control system, the turret drive control system The operative part. Physical map shown in Figure 1 Rectifier board is used to rectify alternating current into direct current to provide the drive to use, the principle for the bridge rectifier circuit, the schematic shown in Figure 1 age, D2, D4 closed. Circuit constitutes e2, Dl, Rfz, D3 power circuit, the Rfz, formed under the negative on the positive half-wave voltage of the whole wash, e2 is the negative half-week, on D2, D4 plus the forward voltage, D2, D4 conduction; on D1, D3 reverse voltage, D1, D3 closed. Circuit constitutes e2, D2 Rfz, D4 power circuit, formed on the same is in Rfz the other under the negative half-wave rectifier voltage. Ball is relative to the original in terms of T-shaped screw th. The principle is the rotational variable translation, screw rotation. Ball screw driven slide the rod. Almost with the principle of the screw, but with the ball only. Turn the...

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