stereo fm circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Easy to build high-quality PLL FM transmitter with typical output power of 5 W and no-tune design. The transmitter includes RDS/SCA input and Audio/MPX input with optional pre-emphasis. It can be used with or without stereo encoder. Tuning over the FM band is provided by two buttons that control dual-speed PLL.

stereo fm circuit
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The transmitter can work also without the LCD display. Some experience with building devices of this kind are highly recommended. Supply voltage 11-13. 8 V (stabilized or from a battery) Supply current up to 1. 2 A Standard frequency range 87. 5-107. 9 MHz Audio/MPX input sensitivity 2 V pp (for 75 kHz freq. deviation)RDS/SCA input sensitivity 0. 2 V pp (for 7. 5 kHz freq. deviation) Board dimensions 109 x 54 mm Q1 - BF240 Q2 - BFG135 (BFG235) Q3 - 2SC1971 (2N3553) + heatsink Q4 - BC547B D1 - SB260 (1N5822, 1N581x) D2, D3 - BBY40 (BBY31) D4 - LED 5mm U1 - 78L09 U2 - TSA5511 (TSA5512, SDA3202) in DIL socket U3 - PIC16F627A in DIL socket (programmed) U4 - 78L05 R1, R2, R11, R17, R20 - 10k R3, R21 - 270R R4, R15 - 33k R5, R7, R12, R13, R16 - 680R R6, R14 - 18k R8 - 47R (33R if Q2 is BFG235) R9 - 18R R10 - 4k7 R18 - 3k3 R19 - 100k smd 1206 R22 - 91R R23 - trimmer 5k mini C1, C4, C9, C12, C13, C14, C15, C30, C31, C32, C33, C35 - 10n smd 1206 (C) C2, C17, C20 - 15p (C) C3 - 10p (C) (15p if the PCB is single-sided) C5 - 1n (C) C6, C28, C29, C34 - 100u/10V (E) C7, C26 - 10u/35V (E) C8 - 22p (C) C10 - 47p (C) (33p if Q3 is 2N3553) C11, C27 - 100n (C) C16, C36 - 33p (C) C18 - cap. trimmer 50p C19 - 470u/16V (E) C21 - 4u7/50V (E) C22 - 330p (C) C23, C24 - 47p (C) C25 - 3n3 (P) L1 - 3. 5 turns on 7 mm diameter L2 - 1uH/815mA choke, or about 10 turns of thin wire on mini ferrite core L3 - 2. 5 turns on 6 mm diameter (4. 5 turns if Q3...

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