stereo led power vu meter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit senses AC audio voltage supplied to the car-radio loudspeakers and displays it as power using a LED bar graph, achieving at the same time an attractive visual effect. It is designed to cover common car-radio output power ranges, but can easily be modified to suit different needs. It is supplied from the 12 V car electrical system and

stereo led power vu meter
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is suitable for classical CC (Capacitor-coupled) as well as BTL (Bridge Tied Load) types of amplifier with no changes to the circuitry or connections at all. In fact, only the meaning of the LEDs changes ” with BTL, the LED increments equal four times the CC value on the same load. CC-type amplifiers have the loudspeaker connected via a DC-decoupling capacitor at the output and ground (negative). BTL-type amplifiers, on the other hand, have the loudspeaker DC-coupled and stretched` between two equal, parallel, but phase-reversed outputs. The result compared to CC` is twice the voltage swing, hence quadrupling the power being fed to the same loudspeaker load. It is necessary to know to which of the two types this circuit is connected to only in order to correctly assign power levels (W) to the LEDs. CC-type have no DC voltage to ground at the outputs and return wires. The return wires are actually connected to the common ground (negative). BTL-type have approximately Vcc/2 at outputs and on the return wires too, explaining at the same time why no DC-decoupling capacitors are needed. The LM3915N integrated circuit used in this circuit has been the subject of numerous publications in this magazine so will not will not be discussed again. In this application, the two LM3915Ns are configured as a LED bar graph drivers (pin 9 connected to pin 3), The ICs share the same power supply section. The audio input signal is fed via...

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