switches Wiring a SPDT Relay

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A SPDT switch that simply switches the relay over. Any pointers would be appreciated. When I currently energize the relay, I hear it cycling, which I would image that is not good. I simple want it to `switch` normally on and then when I energize the coil, switch is back. Take a picture of what you have now (i. e. your wired up breadboard). You will get more better/gooder answers that way.

switches Wiring a SPDT Relay
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Hair_of_the_Dog Mar 7 `13 at 16:15 Yes, but its not right. I guess for now I am looking for pointers on which pins go where. I know its vague, but like I said, I`m struggling a bit. Phil Vallone Mar 7 `13 at 16:16 So that we can explain why it`s right that way and wrong your way. We`re focused on learning rather than end products. Or at least I am. Camil Staps Mar 7 `13 at 16:34 When the relay is energized (power applied) Pin#2 is connected to pin #5. In the unenergized state pin #2 and Pin #5 are not connected -i. e. they are Normally Open (NO). To wire this into a circuit, (it is rated for 1A at 120V AC) you would break the line wire, and connect the relay pins #2 and #5 inline. Neutral wire will remain connected. in #5 should go to the load, Pin#2 to the source (for safety reasons).

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