switching ac loads triac

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A circuit to turn on/off a couple of big AC solenoid valves and a couple of 1ph ac motors. my line v is 132VAC and the solenoids measure 1A and the motors measure 13A and 27A once running. does anyone know how to do this with triacs they are much cheaper than relays. I have found much info on `snubberless`, `alternistors`, etc. I just want to make this as easy

switching ac loads triac
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and simple as possible and this seems to eliminate the sizing and selection of "snubber circuit" and other protection components like MOV. I ultimately need to drive these loads from 5V logic from a pic microcontroller. They are premade and many models are specifically built for switching high inductance loads. The typical input is 3 -32 VDC and no additional current limiting resistor is needed. There are also some electrical code issues to consider when working with line voltage and motors, if you are connected to the grid. Also, in case of a problem, you might be interested in motor overload protection. I am not sure if it would be code required at 1hp single phase in your jurisdiction. and buying a contactor and motor overload. You will be able to get away with spending only a few tens of dollars, and will have a durable solution. The contactors there cost not much more than a triac. Use the correct size of wire for the load and distance it is from the power source and use fuses or breakers that are rated for the size of load you are running. Overload devices are great but rarely used on small home owner operated devices. a full thermal type motor overload protection controller costs about the same as a standard 1 hp motor. they used too. but now you can get one for $35 with a "means to disconnect. " Depending on your application, that might be nice insurance to avoid burning out a $110 motor. Just a heads up, just in...

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