Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The total dollars count for all parts is much smaller that the cost of an heavy duty DPDT foot switch. As seen on the previous page suggested electronic switch circuits can be made easily and I have found that their applications is justified. New mechanical switches on the market like large game switches can be used as a foot switch, they are rugged enought for this application, large and attractive and their cost is

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very low. Developping further the basic electronic switch I have designed a circuit which by using a single push button foot switch will allow switching sequentially up to three effect circuits plus a by-pass. The Circuit below was designed for my son and after using it said to me " Dad you should patent this as there are none on the market except for those found on expensive computerized multiplexed board ". He was enchanted with its performance, fast, noiseless, no signal loss and easy to use. As previously mentionned, a normally opened push button switch is used to activate a simple pulse preconditiong circuit made with Q1, 1K ohms resistor and a. 4uF capacitor. The output of this circuit trigger is connected to pin 14 of a CMOS 4017 Counter. As the counter is programmed to count from 1 to 4 by connecting pin 10 to pin 15, each time the switch is depressed, the output of the 4017, pins 2, 3, 4 and 7 are switched on sequentially to activate one of the four switches of a CMOS 4066 Analog switch IC. This action is very fast and noiseless. See more about the CMOS4017 applications on pages 34 and 35 then press "BACK" to return to this page. To identify which switch is activated, an LED is connected to the 4017 outputs with a current limiting resistor, R1-R4, connected in series, In addition to identify the switches it insure that the switches are off when a positive signal is not applied to the switches gate. These LEDs are...

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