tape content monitor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The capability to determine which part of the tape is empty and which part has a recorded data can help accelerate your work of looking for a certain program. The circuit uses a tone decoder IC 567 and a timer IC 555. The 567 IC decodes the pilot tone of each recorded program. The tone frequency to which this tone decoder reacts must be set with p

tape content monitor
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otentiometer P1. To do this, play a cassette with a recorded data and within the first 2 to 10 seconds try to adjust P1 so that LED D1 lights up. If you did not get it at the first try, rewind the tape and start again from the beginning. The input of the circuit is connected to the output of the cassette recorder. The signal from the tape reaches the inputs of the tone decoder 567 and the timer 555 simultaneously through capacitor C1. One of three things may possibly happen: First. No signal. The tone decoder 567 outputs a logic 1 (high) and the timer 555 outputs a logic 0 (low). IC 74145 activates decimal output 2. LED D2 lights up.

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