televition transmitter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The orientation of the camera at launch is looking out the side of the rocket and during descent on the parachute, it is looking down. To allow the camera to look down during lift off, an external mirror can be optionally added. Located in the nose cone of the rocket is the transmitter antenna which is a Yagi style and specifically made for 1. 25-1

televition transmitter
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. 30GHz band. Packaged in a unit that is just below and is attached to the nose cone are the electronics. Once the rocket itself is suspended on its own parachute, it slides out of the front payload bay of the rocket. This system can be deployed at apogee with only gravity required. For the video, AM modulation is used that contains an input for the sound carrier. The DCNV-1300 down converter was selected in order to receive the 1. 3GHz TV signal. To enable viewing on a standard VHF TV receiver, it converts the 1. 3GHz TV signal down to an intermediate frequency for chan-3 or chan-4.

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