temp control fan hardware

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Make this temperature controlled fan and since i am using 15V AC power supply instead of 230V AC. what i want to know is if i would have to change the triac and the resister shown in the diagram below and also if i can use MOC3041 Triac driver optoisolator (RC) instead of MOC3011 the chances are that the opto isolator/driver may not work at such low voltages.

temp control fan hardware
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the triac will work. you can get rid of the MOC3021/11/41, if you can rectify the 15 VAC into DC and directly use the triac (or SCR) with 1K resistor to its gate and use a normal optocoupler like PC817 or MCT2E thankyou for your reply arun. but from this all i understand soo far is to keep everything in the circuit and replace the MOC3011 with optocoupler as shown in the diag below. what i dont understand is to where to put the rectifier on the circuit. I mean if i convert the ac to dc, what value of dc would this give me and if i am converting ac into dc then can i use both ac and dc fans i was just wondering if the rectifier converts the 15Vac into 15Vdc can i just use a 15V or something dc power supply and remove the rectifier from the circuit and also on ur diagram above u have 5pins for the optocoupler. pin5 for +5V dc, pin4 going into resistor and what about the rest, is pin1 going into the port 22 of the microcontroller and where are the rest of the pins going Yes, if you use DC supply for fan then you can remove the bridge ( but you first said you had 15V AC ). The LED part of the optocoupler in my diagram should be connected the same way its in your original schematic. and you don`t have to connect the pin 6 ( collector), leave it floating. I think you have to be clear in what you intend to do, you had first said you have a 15V AC supply for fan and now you are saying you have 15VDC supply - if the latter is true...

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