the design of the digital frequency meter of one-chip computer and CPLD

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This digital frequency meter of circuit is succinct, software potentiality is fully excavated, the survey accuracy of the low frequency band is high, have prevented the invasion of the interference effectively. The distinctive quality has embodied in and replaced the hardware with software. VHDL Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language, the hardware description language

 the design of the digital frequency meter of one-chip computer and CPLD
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of the superhigh speed integrated circuit It is a kind of tool designing the circuit fast developed by American Ministry of National Defence, have already become a kind of industrial standard hardware description language of IEEE at present. Compare the traditional circuit system design method, VHDL has ability of describing the system hardware function at many levels, support the top-down characteristic based on design of the storehouse, so artificers needn`t find out about hardware structure. Proceed with system design, carry on division and constructional design of the systematic block-diagram on the top level, carry on description to the behavior of the circuit in the block-diagram first classly with VHDL, and carry on emulation and error correction, then prove in the first grade of the system, reuse logic synthesis to optimize tools and turn into the netlist in the concrete gate stage logical circuit finally, download to the concrete CPLD device, thus realize the programming application-specific integrated circuit ASIC Design. Max Plus developing instrument is one kind of self-designed CAE software tools of Altera Company of U. S. A. It has overall logic designed capacity, artificer`s all right independent segregation text, figure and undulate input method, the single device or many devices that is set up layering designs. Editing, compiling, emulation, synthesizing, chip programming, etc. function of utilizing this...

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