the design of the intellectual wireless signal transducer of ARM

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The intellectual wireless signal transducer was for major transducer and typical sensor to output signal design, so analyze their own outcoming signals at first. Usually the output of the transducer is 4- 20mA standard electric current signal. And to sensor, there are very many types of its outcoming signal. Seeing that the target that this system design faces, with strong points to professional application, employ less

 the design of the intellectual wireless signal transducer of ARM
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non-electric and formal signals, greater voltage signals to be considered. In addition, as to the more common frequency signal, while designing the systematic prototype machine, has not considered either, can join in the reseach of the prototype machine of this goods in process, in order to increase the flexibility of the system. Generalized analysis, the focal point is the weak voltage signal. Where is that signal range of the weak voltage directed against how to confirm system design Generally speaking, the voltage signal of mV grade is considered to be the weak voltage signal, but this concept is very fuzzy, not easy quantitative design. Might as well take thermocouple as examples to analyze here according to applied extensive intensity, representativeness and normal intensity. What thermocouple is produced is voltage Electric potential The signal, belong to tempolabile millivolts of weak signals, Table 1 is commonly used temperature measurement limits and correspondent thermoelectric force ranges of different thermocouple. Can be found out from the table, the output thermoelectric force of thermocouple is basically within the range of 0- 60mV, so, can be thought 0- 60mV to have better representativeness, can cover much application environment, also should be regarded as another a type of signal of sysin. There are two kinds of so systematic forward end input signals: 4- 20mA standard electric current signal and 0- 60mV...

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