the design of the walkie cardiotachometer of MSP430

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

We have designed a walkie cardiotachometer, it can substitute and carry on the metric classic method with pulse auscultator, etc. , it is very convenient to use. This product mainly includes three parts: Collection, data processing and LED of the signal reveal and the alarm circuit. As shown in Fig. 1, turn from the detected pulse signal of the sensor into

 the design of the walkie cardiotachometer of MSP430
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the voltage signal and send the voltagefollower, play a role in buffering, make the preceding stage and final-stage isolate, avoid mutual interference. The signal outputted is sent into the high-pass filter after pre-amplifying, by the hot electric interference of the filtration sensor, and then undergo the high frequency interference in the filtration environment of the low-pass filter. The signal finished dealing with is sent into the final-stage and continued amplifying in order to get the little and sharp signal of the interference, this signal is sent into the one-chip computer and dealt with directly after comparator and diode rectification, in order to drive display circuit and alarm circuit. The input signal of the voltagefollower, namely the pulse sensor signal inputs from V end, the zero setting of feedback resistance, form an in-phase follower, play a role in buffering, influence of grade before and after isolating. The function of the pulse amplifier of heart sound is to enlarge the heart sound signal of mV grade to V grade, for revealing and record and use. Because the pulse signal of the heart sound is fainter, interfere with and the noise is larger, require the loss of reducing the signal that there is high input impedance in the circuits, there are high common-mode rejection ratios Greater than 80dB Barrage jamming and noise come. Because of in real application, external interference of signal, stability to...

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