the shoe cover machine automatic test systems of 51 one-chip computers

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the wide application of SMT technology in products such as the computer, network communication, consuming electron and car electron, etc. , the assembly of the electronic product prones to complicating, high precision, melting and multi-functional intensively, the accurate test tactics can help the manufacturer to raise the efficiency, produce

 the shoe cover machine automatic test systems of 51 one-chip computers
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the qualified products; Meanwhile, introduce testing in product design, equipment investment, making and quality assurance course that can also lower costs effectively. Therefore, test has already become the indispensable important links in the manufacture process of product design. Have made detailed introduction in design that this text is directed primarily to the circuit automatic test system of control panel of the shoe cover machine. This test system divides two major module to make up: Upper computer and lower-position unit. The upper computer mainly means the PC, edits a operation interface on the PC with VB language, operate interfaces and include the real-time status, pilot lamp of the state, record data window which starts the command button, input signal. What the lower-position unit refers to is mainly that one measures circuit board and peripheral excuse apparatus. The detection circuit regards the TC12C 5608 one-chip computers of series 51 as the core, it including communication channel module, power supply module, examining in the circuit of acquisition of signal. The lower-position unit can imitate the required sensor signal of the control panel and gather analyzing its functional block diagram of hardware of the control signal of the electrical machinery of the control panel is shown as in Fig. 1 mainly. STC12C5608 one-chip computer main performance has the following several respect: High speed: A clock /...

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