the water level control system design of the one-chip computer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In the production field, realize the automatic detection of the water level and control a critical technology that is the industrial process control, have important meanings in the automation level which improves industrial process control. In life field, supplied water the way was generally through realizing control manually in the pasted, apt to contribute to the losses that to water

 the water level control system design of the one-chip computer
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resource, so people pay more and more attention to the question of the water resource now. At present, the water level control system is a water supply system employed extensively, there can be many kinds of implement methods in water level control, such as mechanical control, logic circuit control, electromechanical control, sensor are controlled etc. , but control accuracy exists low in the traditional control mode, energy consumption is great, can`t realize continuous control and characteristic of tracing water level, so a thesis designs the more convenient more accurate water level control system. Mainly by the intersection of one-chip computer and minimum the intersection of system and circuit, the intersection of water level and detection circuit, the intersection of stepping motor and driving circuit, the intersection of water level and display circuit, the intersection of water pump and driving circuit, software design, etc. system this. Design the system block diagram to be shown as in Fig. 1. The intersection of one-chip computer and control module in the 1 Fig. , for key part of system, keyboard and display unit used for, realize the intersection of human-computer interaction and function, parameter and state that among them will need setting up through the keyboard are input into the one-chip computer, and reveal on the display unit through the control device, when dropping in water level in the water tank,...

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