the water-saving irrigation system design of ZigBee wireless sensory network

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The water resource is being turned into a valuable rare resource. So, popularizing the water-saving irrigation has already become countries all over the world in order to relieve the water resource crisis and realize the inevitable choice of agricultural modernization. This text proposes a kind ofcipher scheme based on ZigBee wireless sensor network,

 the water-saving irrigation system design of ZigBee wireless sensory network
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and according to the special condition of the farmland, design a set of water-saving irrigation system, has avoided depending on the accessory charges that other communication networks produced. According to the functional requirement, the hardware platform can be divided into five following parts altogether: The data acquisition station, transmit base station, the data-handling center, long-range monitoring station and electromagnetic valve key station. Fig. 1 is a systematic hardware platform structure chart. Every partial function and workflow are as follows in the system: According to the pipeline distribution situation of the farmland at first, and the effective communication distance of ZigBee Radio Nodes, will irrigate and distinguish and cut an independent irrigation control unit, there is one or several that transmits base station and several data acquisition stations distributed in different position of farmland in each unit, the data acquisition station sensor through connecting with it gathers the soil moisture parameter, and convey the data to transmitting the base station regularly; It is responsible for managing each inner data acquisition station of compass of competency of it transmitting the base station, when the data-handling center inquires the data, transmit base station, carry on first step upload data to the data-handling center by way of Ad hoc merge; The data-handling center carries on the cluster...

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