thermometer dengan avr

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The module provide a pre wired multiplex of 4-digit common anode LED, that`s great. See the soldering pad of these signal in the 1st picture below. I thought, my friend gave me the AT90S2313 chip, and with a simple homemade ISP cableand a free software AVR ISP downloader, so we don`t need the device programmer. Also I got the DS1820 from my friend. So I spent my freetime weekend

thermometer dengan avr
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

puttingthem together, "the AVR Thermometer". The 2nd picture shows a samplecircuit using universal PCB, see the upper right, it was 10-pin headerfor STK200 compatible downloader. Of course the LED module was designedfor CLOCK display, so you may interested in writing C program for bothClock and Temperature display after built this project. The circuit diagram is straight forward, similar to 89C2051Clock Circuit. PORTB sinks forward current of each LED segmentthrough a 220 Ohms resistor. The common anode pin for each digit is controlledby PORTD, i. e. , PD2-PD5. The PNP transistor can be any types of small signaltransistor. S1-S4 are optional keypad. Also PD6 is optional output. Allof LEDs are driven with sink current. The temperature sensor chip, DS1820 is connected to PD1 with a 4. 7kpull-up resistor. The example of circuit uses only one sensor, you maytie multiple sensors on the same line and modify the program to read itwith the help of internal chip ID. The source porgram was written in C language and compiled with AVR CodeVisionC compiler. Actually my first try used the AT90S8535, then I moved theC code from 8535 to 2313 with a bit modification. for-loop statement provides 4-cycle scanning from digit0 to digit3. First we activate digit control line by sending complement of digit variable. Follow with segment data from heat[i] array. The delay 1ms provides enoughtime for electron to jump back to ground state converting...

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