transistor ignition shematic 3

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Hello All Experts, i m in need of Transistor Ignition to replace point breaker from my motorcycle. i read many many articles in internet google and almost all forums but did not yet found working and simples smallest circuit yet. and which i found they dont have answers about parts of any other related question and most of thm copid and old and pa

transistor ignition shematic 3
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rts hardly available in market. The small transistor like packages are probably the Hall Effect sensors from someone like Honeywell (SS466A ). It looks like these are used to pick up the magnetic field of a rotating magnet (that cylindrical silver thing) and are used to drive the big TO220 transistors (cannot see the part number). The other packages are diodes and resistors. Unfortunately I cannot give you any more circuit detail than that Somewhere out in "internetland" there is a simple circuit for a transistorized ignition that used one PNP power transistor. It still used breaker points, but it would be very simple to adapt the base input to work with a Hall sensor or the like. I`m sorry I never saved the web address, but its out there. If I could find it, anyone can. I bought all of the parts to build it along with a small box to house it. I sold the bike and moved and I don`t know if I saved any of that stuff or not. If I can find it you can have it for a very low price. Dear Debe, Thanks for your post, it is really informative and wonderful. i have few question regarding this schematic aas i m dumb at electronics. i will use pulse trigger for triggering. where to connect the input of signal the schematic you attached has no input point for signal also need which point is Negative side and what is positive side of wires/connections.

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