transistors Controlling LED with 300mV AC signal

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Control a LED with audio signal, but the problem is, that output signal is only 150mVpp (with 150mVpp positive offset). In my understanding, it needs to be higher than 0. 6V to get the transistor running, therefore I am not sure what to use instead. Do I maybe need an opamp in the middle Any tips By `control an LED`, do you meanthe LED should be on

transistors Controlling LED with 300mV AC signal
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when there is an audio signal, and off when there isn`t, or something more sophisticated such as intensity controlled by signal strength Anindo Ghosh May 11 `13 at 13:22 +1 to counter the drive-by down-vote. If there`s a need for a downvote, please consider leaving a comment explaining why, it helps new members improve their questions (and answers) for the future. Anindo Ghosh May 11 `13 at 13:29

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