tube overdrive pedal

That circuit is similar in concept to the BK Butler/Tubeworks Tube Driver. Since there is only a 9v supply, the tubes operate in `starved plate` mode. Preamp tubes normally operate on 100v-300v. It`s similar to using a Variac on a tube amp. When there is only 9v on the anode the tube operates way outside its linear amplification range and is easy to push into distortion. Guitars

- `05 Gibson Custom Historic Series `59 Reissue (R9); `12 Fender American Standard Stratocaster; `08 Heritage H-555 Semi-hollowbody; `06 Carvin CT6M California Carved Top; `89 Fender Strat Plus; `10 Agile AL-3000; `12 G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-hollowbody; " Kwik-Keef Konvertible " `09 Squier CV `50s Telecaster; `10 Squier CV Telecaster Custom; `12 Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Tele + Bigsby; `12 Xaviere XV-890HSS w/ FR Trem; `12 Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE; `71 Yamaha FG-300 Amps & Cabs - Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 10" combo; ultra-modded Fender Blues Junior; Vox AC15 Heritage handwired 1x12 combo; Allen Sweet Spot kit amp ; BYOC Tweed Royal kit amp (switchable 5E3/5F1 hybrid); Trinity 18W kit amp ; Homebuilt 1. 5W Firefly Head ; Epiphone Valve Jr. combo + mods ; Jet City Picovalve 5W head; Drive 2x12 cab w/ Celestion G12M Greenback + G12H30; AB Custom Audio 1x12 cab w/ Celestion Alnico Blue (UK made) what made it interesting to me (other then it doesnt look to hard to build), is i use a solid state xxl peavey amp, and it allows you to put something in the preamp (pedals etc). while the amp is a real good SS amp, it has no real "tube sound", so one day i took my ibanez tube king pedal (has a 12ax7 tube) and plugged it in the preamp and maaaannnn was i suprised at how it sounded, like a totally different amp. So anyway i was wondering if there was a way to make this pedal with 2 or 3 or more tubes in it, as...

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