two servo walking robot using TI launchpad

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Hi, I bought two small servo motors last month. I was thinking what I can do with this two servo, since it is only two in number. Then I asked this to my friend Achu Wilson and he suggested me to try a four legged two servo walker and he shown a youtube video in which some one demonstrating it. Then I also got interested to make some thing similar

two servo walking robot using TI launchpad
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to that. Then I started designing my walker using two servo and msp430 launchpad and at last it turned out even better than I thought it would. (See the video above). The servo controlling techinque used here is a little bit different compared to the usual hardware PWM, I used a circular buffer to save each servo position and o/p pin details. Only a timer compare interrupt is used for this. This is a common technique used for controlling more servo using a cheap microcontroller with limited hardware Timer-pwm modules. Using this software pwm(not a perfect pwm, but still it will work in the servo motors) techinque, I can control more servo motors like 4, 5, 6 etc etc depending on the number of I/O pins. Coding for this msp430 launchpad is done in asm just because I also want to refresh the msp430 assembly language programming. I used naken430asm assembler in linux for the purpose. Just imagine a lizard or a crocodile creeping. We could see that it will raise one leg and will apply force with another leg and this is done alternatingly with all the four legs which results in the motion. It means, we need a small up and down motion also. But if we are designing it as in above figure(top wrong), we cannot make small vertical movement, ie always the four legs will have a contact with the ground. This will prevent it`s movement in the horizontal plane. To overcome this problem, I need to design it as shown in the second...

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