two speed contactor dc motor controller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The simplest of all motor controllers (besides a beeline on/off switch) is the contactor controller. I advised this contactor ambassador for use in my electric scooter project. It is based about three 12V relays, two 12V batteries, two switches and of advance a motor. Having no silicon to fry , it is absolutely reliable and robust. A contactor a

two speed contactor dc motor controller
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mbassador works by rearranging the two (or more) accumulation batteries amid alternation and parallel. This gives the motor a apathetic acceleration (batteries in parallel, accepted adds) and a fast acceleration (batteries in series, voltage adds). This assures that both batteries are absolved equally. When the ambit is at rest , the batteries are affiliated in parallel, which allows accessible recharging. 1. S1 closes K3 and appropriately causes M1 to operate. S2 activates K1 and K2, reconfiguring the batteries for alternation operation and appropriately causes M1 to accomplish at fast  speed. 2. B1 and B2 should be called based on the accepted requirements of M1. Often, closed lead-acid blazon batteries are accessible at bounded suppliers for decidedly low prices. These batteries are ideal for things such as scooters, go-karts, etc. 5. You will apprehension that in alternation mode, all three relays alone cull ability from B2. This is because the relays accept 12V coils, and it is absurd to about-face the batteries from alternation to alongside and accumulate ability to the coils at the aforementioned time. This does, however, beggarly that B2 is absolved slighty afore B1. This should commonly not be an affair unless the batteries are actuality drained absolutely dead . Draining a array asleep is not acceptable for it in any situation, and should be avoided. If you wish, you can use a baby 12V array to run the relays...

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