two stage fm transmitter bug more tank circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

These two tank circuits seem to expand that operating spectrum. Maybe The information sheet that came with the bug states that When both circuit stages are oscillating at the same frequency, the power output will be at a maximum.  This must mean that if the tunable tank circuit is at the same oscillating frequency as the two other tank circuits, that enables better utilization

two stage fm transmitter bug more tank circuits
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of the power and therefore farther transmission. So then south of the transistor we see that there`s a resistor and capacitor in parallel. The orientation of these two elements is slightly confusing to me, but it is still somewhat functionally the same as in FM transistor 1: The resistor is connected to ground in both instances, but the capacitor in FM Transmitter 2 is not connected to the tank circuit outputs. It still does allow current going through the transistor to go through to ground. So my first question is why is the 47pf capacitor in the orientation/location it is in besides allowing certain signals to go to ground. Why wouldn`t it be connected to the antenna line as in FM transmitter 1 So an RFC Choke is also known as a radio frequency choke. These are inductances that prevent certain high radio frequencies from certain areas of a radio circuit. Remember that the inductors prevent AC current from passing through due to reactance.

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